广东十分钟开奖结果:Applecross Senior High School - Applecross Senior High School

  Applecross Senior High School was established in 1958. It is located in the pleasant near-riverside suburb of Ardross. The school has established and sustained a reputation for high academic, sporting and cultural achievements, winning many academic exhibitions, awards and competitions, and is often placed among the highest performing public high schools.

  Applecross, Ardross, Booragoon, Brentwood, Mt Pleasant and Winthrop are the contributory primary schools for Applecross Senior High School.

  About 70 percent of our students seek with success to enter a university, and others achieve entry to Technical and Further Education (TAFE) or directly to employment. Those achieving university entrance frequently do so with higher than the State entry Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER), and generally continue to successful completion of their qualifications.

  The school celebrates its cultural diversity, with approximately 50 percent of its student population from non-European backgrounds.

  Well known alumni include media personalities Deborah Kennedy and Mara Pritchard, Maritime Museum Director Graeme Henderson, AFL footballer Darren Bennett, and political cartoonist Dean Alston.

  Parent involvement is valued and encouraged through the Parents and Citizens Association, canteen, school committees, and the School Council. Active parent groups support the programs in Art, Music, and Tennis.

  Applecross Senior High School has developed this Behaviour Management Policy to ensure that a safe, supportive and caring learning environment is created for all students, while fostering self-discipline, self-motivation and self-respect.

  The Policy complies with the values and regulations within

  The School Education Act 1999

  The National Safe Schools Framework

  The Outcomes and Standards Framework

  This policy will be reviewed annually.

  The Procedures to implement the policy meet the requirements in the School Education Act 1999 for

  Access - the right to education for every student

  Choice - freedom to choose education providers

  Partnerships - parents, students and staff work together

  Equity – adjusting assessments and procedures to meet individual students’ circumstances

  Decisions, consequences and sanctions derived from the policy and procedures, comply with the principles of

  Procedural fairness

  Rule against bias - impartiality, objectivity and absence of prejudgement

  Rule of opportunity to be heard - reasonable notice and opportunity is given to present participants’ points of view

  Rule of evidence - records, both verbal and written, are completed and retained

  Purpose Statement and Values

  Strong, positive interpersonal relationships founded on trust, respect and shared responsibility are valued by our students and teachers. We firmly believe that the best learning occurs when teachers, students and parents are in partnership together, have common goals and are mutually respectful.

  Under the banner of "Applecross SHS Chooses Respect" our core values are Mutual Respect and Personal Best. It is expected that each individual will take responsibility and make a positive contribution to the school community.

  Our values as seen through the eyes of an Applecross SHS student:

  At Applecross SHS I am responsible for -

  Mutual Respect

  caring for self and others

  caring for the environment

  being honest, sincere and seeking the truth

  treating others with consideration and regard

  being accountable for one’s own actions

  being understanding of others and their cultures and accepting diversity

  Personal Best

  seeking to accomplish something worthy and admirable

  trying hard and pursuing excellence

  setting meaningful goals

  seeking assistance and support to improve my performance

  creating my own success


  CampusApplecross Senior High School is located in the pleasant near riverside suburb of Ardross. It is approximately ten kilometres from the Perth central business district. The school’s boundary roads include Links Road, Ardessie Street, and Leverburgh Street.

  Teaching-learning areas include a Performing Arts Centre for Dance, Drama and Music, a purpose-built Visual Arts Centre, a Design and Technology Centre, eleven Science Laboratories, and six Computer Laboratories. All classrooms have been networked for learning with technology and students have online access via classroom computers to the Library Resource Centre and the internet.

  A large gymnasium and swimming pool is central to the Health and Physical Education program. Other sporting facilities include two ovals, six synpave tennis courts, two basketball courts, and cricket nets.

  CanteenThe Canteen is located at the Links Road side on the ground floor. It is open daily from Monday to Friday, except after school.

  The Canteen is managed by the Parents and Citizens Association, and sells a variety of healthy foods during recess and lunchtime. Lunch can be ordered from 8.00 to 8.35 am.

  GymnasiumThe large gymnasium is an integral part of the Health and Physical Education program. It is used for a variety of indoor sporting activities including: badminton, basketball, dancing, and volleyball.

  The gymnasium is forty five metres by thirty metres in area and includes a weights room, change rooms, kitchen facility and stage area. The large stage is ideal for theatre performances.

  The facility is often used by community groups and our feeder primary schools.

  Health CentreThe Health Centre is located in the Student Services building and caters for the primary health care of students and staff.

  The Centre comprises a waiting area, an office, a well equipped treatment room, a spacious bathroom and toilet, and two bed observation rooms.

  The School Nurse performs roles including accident and emergency management, and the determination of health protocols for the school.

  Parents/guardians are requested to keep the Health Centre informed of any change in their child’s health status.

  School LibraryThe Library is an integral part of the school community. It contains an extensive young adult fiction and non-fiction collection, journals, magazines, CDs, videotapes and DVDs. A comprehensive professional library area has been established and is an important asset to the ongoing professional growth of all staff.

  The Library is open daily, Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 3.45 pm. It is closed at recess and open during lunchtime.

  There are twenty six computers in the Library all with access to the internet. Another thirty two computers are available in the laboratory immediately adjacent to the Library.

  Swimming Pool

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